Lectures and Talks

Over the past twenty years I have given talks and lectures to a wide range of organisations from The Royal United Services Institute and the British Commission for Military History, to university conferences management teams and local history groups.

These are some of the topics I offer.


  • Military and Business leadership compared
  • Business lessons form the past: Richard III and the stakeholders in the family business.
  • The English Civil War – the first industrial revolution
  • The V weapons and the development of technology
  • The Battle of Britain and the dangers of persuasive consultants.
  • The First day of the Battle of the Somme: how really bad decisions get made.
  • D Day – how a global project was managed.


Talks and lectures on

  • Battles of Magna Carta
  • Wars of the Roses
  • The Battle of Barnet and the siege of London 1471
  • The Royal Artillery on the Western Front
  • Airpower and the Western Front
  • What wargames and simulators can teach about military history.
  • The Royal Artillery in the Normandy Campaign
  • Battlefield Guiding
  • The unknown Battle of the Somme 1870-71.
  • The V weapon offensive on London.
  • Untapped economic potential of Britain’s battlefields and military heritage.
  • 18th August 1940 The Hardest Day in the Battle of Britain
  • Roarke’s Drift and Isandlwana
  • Field Marshal Montgomery
  • Ypres 1914 – 1918
  • The Overlooked war year 1918
  • Battle of Cambrai
  • Neuve Chapelle


I delivered a series of Summer School courses for CityLit, the London based Adult Education institution

  • Introduction to Battlefield Guiding A two day course.

Battles of the 19th Century : A series of lectures and museum visits on significant battles of the era:-

  • •Waterloo
  • •Gettysburg
  • •Sadowa /Koniggrätz
  • •Maiwand
  • •Isandlwana
  • Battles of 1914