My publications include the following

The Official History of the Royal Artillery in the Normandy campaign (co -author with the late Will Townend). Order your copy here

Chapters on the Battle of the Aisne, 1914, Verdun 1916 and the Nivelle Offensive 1917 for the British Army Battlefield Guide to the First World War.

This is available free as a pdf

A chapter on Battlefield Tourism in: The Darker Side of Travel: The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism (Aspects of Tourism) Paperback – 15 Sep 2009

  • An annotated map of the Royal Artillery on the D Day beaches purchase here  
  • I maintain a blog The Observation Post   

Current military history commissions include: 

  • D Day Gunners a Pen and Sword history and guide to artillery on the D day Beaches and landing zones. This will be in two volumes. One on the British and Canadian beaches and landing grounds and a second volume on the US beaches and landing grounds
  • Gunners on the Somme. Battleground Europe Guide to the artillery on the First Day of the Somme